I loved that pretend rape, huhu ^^

Sweeeet ! Today is a double Udon-Ya celebration, with the newly translated Monhan No Ero Hon volume 13, and the addition of the Uncensored version of Monhan No Ero Hon volume 12 ! :woot:

The volume 12 is a fuckfeast providing extreme pleasure to the eye, aye these FAPTASTIC drawings, Udon-Ya’s talent absolutely astounding :shock: And now it is uncensored, there’s no more annoying censorship bars destroying our willing suspension of disbelief. However, this is hentai rape.
The volume 13, is in a certain way the opposite, not hentai rape (this is VERY funny, hahaha ^__^), even if, despite even showing at last some lesbian action besides the usual hetero stuff, the sex was less arousing (“only” highly fappable, let’s say).

Thanks a LOT to the kind persons who brought these to us, Desu, Hentai Beef, Raikoh (most likely he commissioned someone for it) and Robin Hood (you’ll understand).

You may wish to see The updated list of Udon-Ya’s works on Hentaiweblog !

Cf. too my repack of the Monhan No Ero Hon volumes 1-13…

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