So much vanilla ! ^_^

Do you know what I think of the people whose job is to apply censorship to my beloved hentai mangas ? That there’s a special circle in hell waiting for them, a painful, horrible one.

Well, this is why this manga is interesting, the characters DO work as editors for a hentai magazine, and THEY are the fuckers in charge of applying it. Of course, there’s much more to being an editor than just applying censorship (read Bakuman !), but this is also part of their jobs. :shock:

Don’t take everything for true, simply enjoy the show ;)
Graphically, there is huge censorship (no, really ? Lol !), but this still pleasant to my eye.
The scenario isn’t deep (at all, slices of life around the work of hentai editors and publishers), but it’s all SO very cute, the heroine’s especially, with her three faces, stern at work, and overflowing with love or blissfully childish, in private :3. This is sweet vanilla, with tons of small but important proofs of love. And the final mangaka-talk are quite funny :D

Thanks a lot to Eso, Shadow, Mecha Imouto (a new member in their team, welcome!, althoug it comes a bit late ^^) and Cyatomorrow, from Red Comet ! Even if fap-wise this won’t be the best manga I’ll have downloaded, the story is original enough to make it a must-keep for me :)

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