BLACK hole censorship ? Wut ?

Huhuhu, that one was fun.
Let’s start with a confession : I occasionally visit, to enjoy nice non-paying webcam performer girls. It’s got a “fresh” feeling, “real” girls, non professional porn actresses, and you can talk with them, discuss if you like… It’s good from times to times, and with the popup feature, one can enjoy 6 or 8 simultaneous streams, yum. Check it out, it’s pretty nice, I believe :)

Knowing this, Moon Light Stream, the manga, became funnier, it was easy to fantasize about, well, certain things :3

OK, the story, now : a webcam performer girl finally meets one of her male fans, in real life, and, hoooo-what-a-big-surprise™, sex follows ^^
The girl is nice, with a glad-to-be-slutty expression and large breasts, nice hips. I hope you may like this share, and thanks to Cgrascal ! :)

PS : don’t confuse Itou Eight with Ei Itou, searching “Ei Itou” (with the double quotes) will show you there’s a big difference ;)

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