The Disney ending left me amazed

The key quotation :

« – So, you have become a sex slave ?

– No, I’m not. I just want to get rid of my ties with society… This is the real me… Without any mask.»

Technically, I don’t like all these “I love being raped” stories. However, the fact it’s led by adults, between consenting adults not mind-broken, brings a great change to my attitude, it becomes something I can respect even if it leaves me flaccid.
So, there’s a violent school beyond salvation, the hoodlums called student impose their rule, but fortunately it’s to the liking of the female teachers who, after they put up some socially required resistance, reveal or discover they love humiliation, being called dirty bitches and, for one of them, being treated roughly (I mean it : face hits, ugh, toleratetoleratetolerateaaaarrrgh >_<)

My thanks are for Malone and CNHN, it’s been a lot of work and dedication, thank you in the name of the voiceless pervs visiting my blog, to you two ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Dorei Jokyoushi Mashou No Curriculum Volume 1 and volume 2, and Female Teacher Ryeka

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I’m not sure I want to complain about it, but compared to everything else, don’t you think the ending was kinda gay, like a hardcore horror movie hacked by Disney fans to replace the final minutes with mellowish lets-smile-to-a-bright-future vanilla ? O_o

Just a note, boys and girls, Malone has already been spotted on Hentaiweblog in the past ( ;) ), so if you liked his and CNHN’s work, say it :)
And if you read me, Malone and CNHN, I could throw a helpful suggestion for your next release, a tad more levels correction, more blacks, hmm ? ;)