I laughed hard ^^

In a way, I fully understand the parents of the girl, she’s so hopeless it’s best to secure her future as soon as possible, and who’d make a better candidate than her neighbour and childhood friend ? Knowing everything is settled in advance, a well-lubricated trap, all that’s left is to see if the sex drawings are to your taste ;)

(The preview pic above is NOT a female version of this ^^

Frankly, graphically, I couldn’t like it very much, as far as I was concerned. The hips were sometimes unnatural, the breasts too large, I think the mangaka lacked experience when he drew that. And yet, I think there should be stuff likely to please a large number of picture : a cheerful heroine, large lips, big tits, a funny brain-free scenario… It’s as if I was reading a newbie Amatarou’s first steps…
Let’s say this is a gamble, I hope this share will please many people, you possibly included :)

Credits are for Biri, Afro Thunda and Dark Fire, thank you ! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share Virgin Stay and I Won’t Become Obedient.

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