The day it is uncensored from tank scans will be a great day

Take Love Hina. Remove the hilarious ideas of Ken Akamatsu, replace it with Distance simply having fun doing his own version of the story (male tenant in all-girls place) and obtaining real good and funny results, and you’ve got Motenai Girls ^^

The chapter 1 is a first for me, sex with a pregnant girl, this is almost unnoticeable, so I guess it’s okay. Chapter 2 becomes much funnier, with the first of the female housemates jumping the male hero, while the other girls are watching discreetly and enjoying the free show, lol.
Graphically, this means very big tits, juicy lips, heart-warming smiles, magazine censorship, with easy-going happy sex : Enjoy ! :D

Credits are for Desudesu and Darkfire, thank you very much, the both of you :)
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