Gee, being twings seems to have its good sides

There we are, this hentai UFO is now complete !

Please, give yourself a pair of minutes to adapt yourself to the unconventional drawing style, Mousou Otome Zukan is one of those rare mangas in which the scenario, as simple as may be, really brings an enjoyable value added :)
With hilarious endings as you’ll see them in almost every chapter, it would be a terrible loss not to read it, to miss them :)

I don’t say this manga is perfection made porn, you”ll see some frankly far too unusual stuff (like erect nipples, hu hu hu, you’ll understand), and in the end the humour is a bit weaker (with even one humourless succubus chapter, grr). All in all, an unusual and interesting manga like that is worth five other boring typical average hentai mangas, so, thanks a LOT to Conan and Cannibal, I’m grateful :)

Two killer quotes :
> To the creator of Cherry Popper Model 45 : “You are truly a hero to us virgins”
> – If you don’t stop right now, I’m gonna kamehameha your ass ! – How often do I have to tell you that you don’t have any superpowers ?

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The complete manga is made of 9 chapters, but a while ago (not knowing it didn’t contain more, and far from suspecting it woul not be super-slow to come), I shared the chapters 1-6.
So, if you had downloaded this partial version and you just want the missing parts to make it a full manga, there you are :)
Mousou Otome Zukan chapters 7-8-9 : Main Zip Link – or – Zip Mirror
(20 MB, 67 pictures, English)