So, will the male hero finally show some guts ?

With my thanks to Phantom, and Edmx and Scripting from G Team Translations, here’s some updated Kamina Ryu-Ya hentai :)

Mozaiku X Sanshimai deals with 3 sisters and their common male childhood friend. The main question is : love is in the way of the perfect harem, will the male hero finally show some guts ?

If you’re unfamiliar with Mozaiku, I give you a short summary : boy finally moves in with 3 sisters, two of the girls jump at his cock as if it was a promising Nasdaq share, the last sister – madly in love romantic tsundere :roll: – enrages at not being loved first so she refuses sex, and the male hero is tortured because he clearly separates sex and feelings. I shared the chapters 1-2 9 months ago, and now I’m glad to share this updated version :)

By Ryu-Ya Kamino I also share Hight X Hight [198 pictures], Iiwake Densha, Sasou X Maid Fuku 1-2 and Oshiete Kudasai X Katei Kyoushi.

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