A hentai UFO, will you love it ?

This is a hentai UFO with some VERY good points, and some VERY bad things, will you love it ?

The cons : thick plump women, even with my taste for “real-looking” hentai girls, I’ve had lots of difficulty with this manga because of it. It half-wasted my reading pleasure.

The pros : humour, partly consistent scenario for the stories, not giving a fuck about making something bound by common sense, and the impression that the artist, Jeanne DA’cK, has taken direct inspiration fro Eichiro Oda (the artist behind One Piece) :lol:

The One Piece reference is really present : there is a (sexual) shounen adventure part, almost all male chars could have been sidekicks in One Piece with their weird appearance and character :D

I could share another manga by this artist, but I honestly don’t know if you’ll be interested, since the style is special. I made a poll about it at the bottom of this post, express yourselves ! :)

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As you have seen, the style of this artist, Jeanne DA’cK is VERY special. I could share another manga by this artist, but frankly, I don’t know if you’d be interested. Tell me what you think of it ? I’m hesitant myself, so I won’t share the other part without more than 50% of the votes for it.

I could share another complete manga by this artist. Are you interested ?

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