After all, being able to terribly disappoint us is the priviledge of geniuses, precisely

So, actually, these were [email protected] girls ? Orz.
I DEFINITELY can’t say I’m fond of this Shiwasu No Okina release, this is a strong disappointment for me.

The drawings are mediocre as compared to what I’m used to seeing under the Shiwasu No Okina name, the most flattering term I can come up to describe the scenario is “nonexistent”. The first half is facepalm-level cow-girl disguise (I had shared it in the past already, under the “This Kind Of Job Exists Too” name), while the second half is just average onsen sex. Sigh.
Only the pictures #40-48, after the “onsen sex” arc (let’s call it an “arc”, shall we), showing various [email protected] girls having good sex with pleasant drawings, bring some form of gratification and relief. it’s better than nothing !

Efforts and dedication deserves sincere thanks nonetheless, so, thanks to Ackeejag and Ulricat, from Pineapples’R’Us, for this release ! :)

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