I know it looks weird, but please, try reading it :)

The following link to a picture comes from another manga but, forgive me, I MUST place it again, it’s a moral obligation, because we’re dealing with SENTAI HENTAI, for the greatest glory of hilarious stuff !


Dear readers, I’m very glad to share this manga with you, this is a unique UFO, it’s full of WTF, full of hilarious lines, and it’s based on a totally crazy idea, providing lots of laughing moments ! :D
You’re about to witness the life-threatening adventures of an ero-sentai group (sentai = Bioman and the like, OK ? :D ), fighting evil with sex in the name of Good… Oh come on, try to read it please ^_^
Graphically, the style is VERY unusual, but if you can get used to it, it gets kinda good, and despite the cover, there’s almost no tentacles (fortunately !!). And it was nothing short of HI-LA-RIOUS ! For instance, don’t miss page 154 (my file numbering), the horns, the horns ! :lol:

I have to express my gratitude to Forset, who commissioned the chapter 4 from Saha, in order to resume where Guzu left (the chapters 1-3), and who commissioned the rest from Ackeejag and Keima-Kun of Pineapples’R’Us.

By Kiya Hiroshi, I also share Planet Of The Lewd Women, The Noble Illusionist, The Lecherous Membrane, Beware of Wakana Sensei and Arousal Of The Dark Hadou.

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