It's hottie time ! LOL ! ^^;;

Now that we’ve reached the 40th chapter of My Balls, it was high time to create a new big pack, so there we are :)

This new pack contains the chapters 22-40, in continuation of the previous pack with chapters 1-21.

If you’re not familiar with My Balls, this is a comical ecchi manga, about a failed exorcism sealing the Queen of Hell inside the balls of a masochistic virgin hero, and the manga tells his “adventures”, with the tsundere demoness Elise. If he ejaculates, Hell will be let loose on Earth.
Insert pranks, humour, lots of incapable demon girls, leeches, beads, alcohol, armageddon, a raccoon and a muscular strain, and you’ve got some funny time ahead :)

UPDATE : of course, a pair of hours after I posted this pack, the chapter 41, with its bonus chapter, was published ¬_¬
I removed the zip links from this post, it’s become obsolete at record speed. ¬_¬

You’ll find RIGHT HERE the new pack with these two final chapters :)

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