The Afro Sensei was awesome :D

Kindly brought to us by Tadanohito and his donators (thank youuuu !), My Cream Pie Diary is the archetypical Yamamoto Yoshifumi manga. A slightly effeminate-looking yet virile young guy seduces all the women around him, and they all welcome his abundant internal ejaculations despite all their initial “oh no don’t creampie me you bad boy”.

All that in a happy-fuck-me-lucky mood, nothing really matters, nothing could ever pose a problem ^^

On the other hand, frankly, the art is poor, poorer than in other works by the same artist, it’s always the same positions and the same boring x-rays ruthlessly destroying my arousal. And I get irritated at all the girls always behaving the same way during sex :/

There are highly commendable bonus points :
– an afro-wearing teacher, horrible things happen to him all the time :D Don’t ask me why, but I always laughed at the mere sight of manga afros :D
– LOTS of funny panels, parodies, puns, bursts of wild ideas. Humour-wise, this is GOOD dope :)
– Not forgetting stewed llama’s intestines

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