A big titted blonde sister, in japan, yeah, right

When I saw there was an english translation of a work by Chataro, I felt rather nostalgic, it reminded me the oooold times, when hentai was hard to find and you depended on heroes posting their stuff on the ABPEA newsgroup… including the works by Chataro, from which these 63 pictures are taken :D

The drawing style is really unusual, I’ve never seen it with any other hentai artist, but when you get used to it, it’s not unpleasant, simply fun :)
The scenario isn’t really special, it isn’t too bad either, even if it could have been written by Captain Obvious.

If you know where to find more english-translated stuff by Chataro, thanks a lot if you can share the link in a comment :)

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Read the rest of : My Friend’s Sister, part of Koisuru Race Queen [English, 63 pictures], by Chataro (72 words)