Wincest =)

It’s funny, when I shared Love Key, also by Isako Rokuroh, there were comments that all of his works until now contained bestiality.
Well, I’m once again sharing a work by this artist (thanks to Anonygoo !), and once again, it’s a cute lovey-dovey story, go figure ! :lol:

Love Key still has my preference (no wincest and a more elaborate scenario), but I reckon this is a good work I’m sharing, more into the fap’n’go style :D

english hentai english hentai english hentai

If you didn’t download Love Key when I shared it previously, if you want, here is an archive with BOTH Love Key and My Head’s Filled With Thoughs Of Mako-Chan : mirror #1 – or – mirrorĀ  #2. And now, everything below that will will be solely for My Head’s Filled blablabla.

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