Duh. Not really. But you were fun.

Does the name “Imomuya Hompo” sound familiar to you ?
I used to know him as loli artist, and in its own way I found it saddening, because graphically thre was a LOT of talent. Oh well, if you’re into loli, have a feast, he’s made several works in the past.

Well, to my surprise, I learned that Azuma Yuki is another pen name for Imomuya Hompo. That was enough to trigger my interest :)

To be frank, I’ve been a bit disappointed with this manga, there is very little sexual action, and the ecchi drawings aren’t very varied. However, it’s true, at least the artist takes the time to build a story and give a bit more depth than usual to the characters. But on top of all, just like with my previous ecchi share, the whole plot is based on the fact two persons aren’t able to say something utterly simple and non-problematic even by Japanese culture, it’s angering me, rha !
The plot : the male hero’s father remarries with a girl who’s in his own class, of his own age, and the girl, logically, starts living in his own place. Because everyone is stupid, everyone decides to hush it, and complications and quiproquo start piling up, compensated by good feelings and attentions, love, and ecchi shots.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai