Mother-son incest ? Meh. But the sex is good if you dig 40 years old MILFs, definitely.

Maybe this is because the mother-son incest leaves me flaccid, I had the impression the “erotic intensity” was much lower in this volume, compared to the other mangas by Takasugi Gou that I shared before. No, without hypocrisy, it’s definitely my moralfagottry toward mother-son incest, because I immediately loved a lot more the two last chapters, that weren’t about incest at all. Sorry guys, you’ve gotta bear with my biased flaws.

Oh well, anyway, here’s a new full volume by Takasugi Kou, as always drawing rather good-looking women looking to be 40 years old (their hips, breasts and eyes do show it), having happy brain-free sex with their sons (all the volume save the 2 last chapters). No scenario to mention, each chapter’s a different story, no humour or additional notes, so the rest will depend on your taste :)

While I was at it, toying with my server, I created a big repack with every share I ever made by Takasugi Kou, 6 full tanks ! That’s a massive archive (593 MB, around 1225 pictures), not suiting everybody’s connexion, but I hope it may please a few of you guys nonetheless :)

Thanks a LOT to Tadanohito and all his kind donators, for this one :)
By Takasugi Kou, I also share Immorality Love Hole (complete and Uncensored !), Oki Ni Mesu Mama, Sweet Days,  Boku No Suki Na Obasan, Abno Madams, and Cafe E Youkoso (“Welcome To A Cafe”).

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(About that pack, I owe you an apology, I let the story called “The Reason i’m So Crazy About Her, shared in november 2011, be added to the archive, even though, as I discovered today, it now belongs to the present manga, “My Mother”. Sorry about that !)