My Nana To Kaoru Pack has been updated, and 3 new Nana To Kaoru chapters are available, also in a separate Zip :)

Nana To Kaoru, SM RULES !

Hello, it’s been a month since my last update !

I hope you’ll appreciate the info, I updated my Nana To Kaoru Pack, with 2 new Arashi chapters (#5-6, my throat went dry) and 1 new “good old magazine serie” chapter (#43, Nana playing with her ass :3).
It comes in one fat big archive, with an additional small zip offering just these 3 new chapters.

Please, follow that link to open the Nana To Kaoru Pack :)

If you don’t know Nana To Kaoru yet, please, please, give it a chance, this is the epitome of GOOD, pleasant, seducing and wonderful BDSM. And it’s a guy who usually dislikes bondage and SM that’s writing it.

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