A lovely love story :)

I don’t know if I’ll manage to convey my feelings about this short work (I LOVED it ! :D ), but the great thing about it is that this is a PLAIN love and sex story. Nothing sci-fi-esque, bizarre or extraordinary, no need for a particular suspension of disbelief.

I’m certain several of the readers – you included ! – will have started a relationship with a boy/girlfriend with approaches like the ones you’ll see in this share…

In other words, it’s a good simple almost realistic love and sex story, quite pleasant to read, and I strongly recommend it to you guys :) Thanks a LOT to SirC for this one !

Shiden Akira is also well-known as being the “father” of the popular Titty Monster, and by him, I also share the uncensored versions of Mamacon and Naughty Upskirt Angels.

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I liked even more this situation, in the beginning :lol: –>

(boy to girl)
Really, Wakui-san, you agree to anything and everything way too easily. If you don’t like something, then come out and say it ! Okay ?
(boy gropes girl’s butt)
(big silence from the girl)