I finally made my choice about the next translation I’ll commision :)

Actually, there will be two things, chosing just one was simply too hard. You may download their japanese versions, the titles are hyperlinked.
Devi Navi, by Abe Norioka, hardcore and very funny, with a long interesting scenario from the looks of it, with a Shining Musume 6 flavour
Toppatsusei Inkou Shoukougun, by Shiomaneki, looking fun and developed too, maybe (heck, how could I be sure, heh ?) more hardcore but a tad less funny. I’m already sharing one chapter of this manga, funnily.

At this point, I have one BIG question for you, dear visitors : tell me, would you know if someone else started commissioning or translating these two works  ? If so, I’ll chose something else. But if nobody started paying or scanlating them, I’d be glad to commission them :)

I think I’ll make a system similar to my previous big commissions, I pay a share like half of the money, and call for visitor donations to reach the full sum. More details will follow in the future, I’m in no frenetical hurry ^^