My Next Door Neighbor Yamasaki-san [English], by Napata

No shit, I almost creamed my pants at the simple sight of that image. Wow O_o

My theory is that adultery (and its emodrama extension : netorare) is revolting so many people because, among the various negative situations we see in hentai, this one is the MOST likely to happen to us, for real, in real life. Hence, rejection, and hate.

With that intro, I imagine you won’t be too surprised to hear this Napata new release, may the Pastafari bless Conan and Fuke with a touch of his Noodly Appendage as a thanks, is straight adultery. No real drama, the husband stay oblivious and it’s unclear if this is just a fling or the beginning of a relation based on betrayal.
Graphically, mind you, even though there’s magazine censorship, I call this 3000% fappable materials, rha, my eyes, MY EYES, yum !

By the same artist, I also share Please dont call me nee-chan, Ever Since Then, The Promise, Together Forever, Becoming Your Cat (Uncensored version), Miss Sage Level 14, and a pack of 2 other works, Introvert Little Sister + This Is Very Frustrating. All of them are of the finest vanilla hentai quality :)

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