Wooot, sister wincest, from Nagare Ippon !!

Nagare Ippon, wincest…

This feels as natural as if I had written Al Qaeda, flower power. Or American Republican, brains. Or ACTA, democracy.
And yet… Here is a happy sex with love for assfuck hentai work, between brother and sister (they don’t call it a problem, since anal sex is no real sex *hack* *cough*), without complications or any bad ending, with even some humour. Enjoy your reading, this is too rare to refuse it ! ^_^

This manga was kindly brought to us by the Munyu guys, thank you very much ! :) While I’m at it, I hope the info will interest a number of you people, Munyu has apparently a new Magazine project, gathering every month several of their releases, you can view it here (I give you a direct link, because Munyu’s website is not extremely *hack* *cough* harrrrrccckkk* newbie-visitor-friendly in my opinion.)

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