First time anal, followed by first time vaginal, YAY !

Once again, but that’s a habit I simply love, I have to thank Setebos for a great commission :)

The scenario won’t bring a Nobel to the person who wrote it, but still, it’s rather pleasant. It mixes love, first sexual experiences, with big hard hardcore sex, anal and vaginal, as I love it :3
There’s incest, though, so you’re warned in case you can’t bear it – but, about incest, read the bottom of this post, I’ve read some interesting things…

One last remark : as predictable as it was, the ending felt good :)

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I’ve read a scientific magazine recently, and I’ve seen a surprising note about incest. While we all believe this is a taboo for biological reasons, and not for cultural reasons, it’s mostly the opposite.

Several other animal species are regularly practicing incest, and it can present huge improvements for their race. On the individual level, incest increases the risk of inheriting two recessive alleles bringing an impairing specificity. You may have just one recessive allele, it won’t “express” itself and you’ll be safe – but have two, and then the shit may begin, so sex within family members doubles the risk. But when you look at the whole race, the incest system quickly allows to elimine the bearers of impairing alleles from the common genetic pool, be they dominant or recessive.

On the other hand, reproduction with members of other groups won’t reduce the number of impairing recessive alleles. It still has the overwhelming advantage of increasing genetic diversity, of course.

That’s funny, isn’t it ? Of course, our sweet mother nature doesn’t give a fuck about us individually (look : everything happening to us past the average age of reproduction isn’t affected by darwinian evolution forces, diseases, problems, slow ebbing away of what makes us proud of ourselves… fuck you, mother nature, really fuck you), so it’s the interest of random individuals VS the interest of a whole race…

The conclusion : bang your sister ! Simply, I’m shaken to see that incest is a taboo only because of cultural reasons :shock: