A MILF in kimono, with glasses, loving anal ? FUCK YEAH !

I liked a LOT this manga by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi, it’s definitely my favorite by this artist, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it too :)

This manga is made of mostly happy carefree sex, with highschool girls, young adult women and a MILF, half of it being incestuous (sisters, one stepmother). All the women have BIG tits with long pointed nipples, shaved pussies with wide detailed lips, and they all have very energetic vaginal and anal sex (and rare bits of DP) with well-equipped male partners.
This is always happy sex, sometimes with love; the girls are only treated roughly when they desire it, and most of the time this is regular sex (well, “regular” the hentai way, meaning foreplay is not needed and anal is as natural as vaginal).
As for the scenario… I can’t say there is none, there are single chapters and 3 small story arcs, it’s just not big shakes, haha, simply girls and boys finding personal satisfaction having great sex and liking being with each other :)

There’s humorous bits almost all the time (save two “serious” chapters), with some very funny moments (“inside my nose” – AAAAWWWWW :D ).
Thanks a LOT to Kusanyagi, Psyburn21, Afro Thunda, Tanuki, and Asdfboy :)

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