The cutest side of bondage =)

After having been suggested 17 or 18 times already to share Nana To Kaoru, there you are, you lobbyists have won :D

Since I couldn’t help but write a super-long shitload of text, to describe this most unusual and highly interesting share, the description of Nana To Kaoru is below the preview pictures, sorry ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I don’t think it will make many downloads anyway, honeslty ^^)

The main subject of Nana To Kaoru is bondage. And, to my BIG surprise, it didn’t put me off.
Usually, bondage will mean women gangraped or made to suffer just to please psychologically disturbed men, these shits you won’t see on Hentairules. On rare occasions, I’ve seen Bondage used in a way pleasing women, but even then, it was just average. There is only Escape Creator that made me respect that genre, when you see how it is made by professionals taking in consideration the woman’s feelings.

Well, with Nana To Kaoru, there’s now a second manga inspiring me respect to Bondage :shock:
Mutual trust, being rewarded, being considerate, understanding oneself, accepting that a part of us feels unable to do anything and allowing that part to temporarily self-satisfy itself in abandoning the reins in the hands of another person… Several themes made Bondage more interesting than I thought.

This is very different from Escape Creator, the “bondage master” is not a mysterious godlike professional but a considerate, dedicated, hard-working learner (he’s also a lame guy, true ^^), and he uses bondage as a way to establish a “deeper than otherwise possible” relation with the woman he loves.

With 854 pictures, please forgive me if I didn’t upload it all, eh ?
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english hentai english hentai english hentai