It's true I had a good laugh several times when reading it :)

Prepare yourselves to smile, and laugh :)
This manga is based on a “slice of life” theme, we follow the male hero in his daily life, mainly at school, and he’s always meeting Nanako, a girl taller than him, with a nice ass and large breasts – and, obviously, she’s always in hilarious and arousing situations ^^

This is an ecchi manga without actual sex, you are warned. But I think there’s a strong chance you’ll love reading it nonetheless, the carefree spirit, the pleasantly sexy drawings, the merciless humour of the manga, it gives REALLY good vibes :D
My great thanks, for this manga, are for Conan, Nameless Translator and The Tsuuyaku, and also to Ehud who told me of this by email with a heartful recommendation (it had slipped under my radar), really, thank you :)

An interesting note, the artist behind this is also known under a different pen name : Sanbe Kei. Do Cradle of Monsters (a survival zombie manga) or Hohzuki Island (a survival mystery manga) sound familiar to you ? Bingo ! :3

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