The alien of hentai, Chataro ^_^

I hope you guys will be grateful to Steve, who freely translated this first chapter of a hentai manga by Chataro, with hopes that artist becomes more popular :)

Chataro, to be frank, is one of these unique and very surprising Aliens you can find among hentai mangakas. I don’t speak about the scenarii (very casual happy sex, I luv it), but about the highly unusual drawing style. Personally, I really love that drawing style, I’ll let you guys see for yourselves :)

By Chataro, and also translated by Steve, I also share Koisoru Race Queen 1-2. If you know where to find HQ scans of Chataro’s mangas, please, share the info :D

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Read the rest of : Naochan To Natsuyasumi chapter 1 [English, 44 pictures], by Chataro (72 words)