I have to thank Faytear, who shared it first on his homepage (he also edits new releases, take a look), for this very funny hentai work by a great artist, Todd Special :D To summarize it fast, the female manager of a basketball club fancies the team’s captain, but after he remained flacid despite her attentive care (lol :lol: ), she takes care of the whole rest of the team in the bathroom, a good powerful and happy gangbang :twisted:

I am short on time at the moment, I”ll write a redirection page later, here are temporary quick links for other translated works by Todd Special : Cute Person, Sweet Drunker and Yukemuri Nyan Nyan Jiken, and also The Widow Of The Ocean.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Naoto Ganbare [English], by Todd Special (72 words)