Narikiri TsunDorei [English, 169 pictures], by Dowarukofu


Haaa, that manga, at least, is decent :)

If you wonder about the meaning of “Narikiri”, I’ll quote this article : the word “Narikiri” is the act by which something becomes something else entirely. So the title could translate as “tsundere slave girls changing their personality based on their outfit“, I think.

The parodic humour is strong with this one :D Lots of girls dressing up and acting tsundere ^^

Look, I won’t tell lies, the art is so-so in that manga, and the scenario of each chapter (each chapter is a single story) really don’t fly high. And yet, I still recommend this manga to you guys, I feel there’s an exhilarated spirit coming from it, cheerful, carefree, with a strong liking to unusual ideas – enough to feel “loved” by the mangaka who invented these for us :)

Graphically, unrealistic hips and unnaturally breasts may pose you a problem, there are still a decent amount of worthy shots – and, hey, it might suit your tastes from the beginning already ^^
Credits are for Wrathkal, Masasu and Raikoh, thank you :)

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