I believe the "that-image-will-cause-billions-of-spermatozoids-to-die-billions.jpg" filename will be self-explanatory ;)

This is by Hisasi. And… OH MY GOD ! (fap^20)

The art is damn EXCELLENT, the censorship is barely a problem, the girl is a total cutie, slender, candid face and big tits, with a face horny as hell, having great happy sex with mutual liking… RHA YEAH !!! :twisted:
And this is brought to us by Bobloblaw and Palaxius, from Life4Kaoru, thank you SO much, being able to share such great stuff on my Hentai Rules is thanks to cool guys like you :)

By Hisashi (or Hisasi), I also share Katakoi + Kayane Kousei Sakusen, Sagashimono, Aozora Gattai, Sugisaranu Hito, Onnanoko No Kimochi, Mousou Stampede (Uncensored version), Bosom Full Of Love, Houkago Trap, Stay With Me Miu, Sisters Ring, the uncensored version of Tsun Devil, Maid In Secret, Iā€™m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute, Aphrodisiac Demons Only Know, Kenketsu Akuma, Swimming Love, AI-Shiteru, Natsumari No Yoru, Mikichu (part of a larger pack), Boku Wa Yozora Ga Kawaisugite Yabai, Angel Ring (Uncensored version), Shuuya Au Ni Aunaraba, All Day All Night Touch Me, and Sis-Con + Taiyou No Shizuku.
(Soon, a tank with Hisashi’s works will come.. Soon, that mess of a links list will be worth sorting… soon….)

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