Haa, if only it weren't cursed with white hole censorship !

When two childhood friends go to a festival and the girl wears a kimono, sex will follow.
It’s the law. Or almost.

The drawings are nice as of usual with Hisasi, it’s happy sex with love (nothing really romantic, more like fap’n’go).

I love vanilla, I love hentai, so thanks a LOT to Gurumao, Blurk and Altereggo, from Team Vanilla ! ^^

There’s just one thing that slightly put me off (well, besides the damn annoying white hole censorship !), something about the heroine’s eyebrows looked really off, much more than of usual, even if I can’t really manage to describe what O_o And yet, after reading mangas like HSDK (in which one of the girls, Shigure , has eyebrows that could scare an Alien to death), I should have developed bulletproof resistance to weird eyebrows! :shock:

By Hisashi (or Hisasi), I also share Mousou Stampede (Uncensored version), Houkago Trap, Stay With Me Miu, Sisters Ring, the uncensored version of Tsun Devil, Maid In Secret, I’m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute, Aphrodisiac Demons Only Know, Kenketsu Akuma, Swimming Love, AI-Shiteru, I’m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute, and Mikichu (part of a larger pack).
Oh damn, maybe I should start considering the possibility of writing a redirection page ? Hm, what say you ?

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