That face is SO beautiful, I'm moved T_T (If the picture doesn't show, reload the page !)

Natsumi & Jin is one of those far too rare really adult stories, made of sweet but also bitter feelings, with characters a bit like us, confronted with contrasted feelings, struggling against a complicated world, seeking not only pleasure but also peace, warmth and a safe harbour…

When you’ve been wounded by life, you need real courage and incredible luck to find someone with whom you can lower your defence – that would be the theme in Natsumi & Jin.

Please, trust my words, despite the yandere-looking preview pictures, read this manga, you DEFINITELY won’t regret it :) For this fine share, my grateful thanks go to Setebos, Brolen and Makasu, thank you very much, you three :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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