Who'll call that girl a bitch, I'm curious ?*

To make an outrageously short summary, “netori” means “stealing somebody else’s woman”, while “netorare” is the generic term for “cheating that hurts” (seriously, google it a bit for better and longer descriptions).

In the present case, the funny thing is that we’re neither dealing with netorare nor with netori. This is a puzzling situation mixing good and bad (and a gay ending, lol). An adulterous girlfriend having sex with her BF’s best friend, but that seems more like an informal couple made of 3 to me…

Oh well. Read it if you like, at least in my eyes there’s no rage factor and nobody really getting hurt, it’s good to know that already. Credits are to Cgrascal.

I must say I’m very curious as to know if you people share my opinion about this manga or not (rage ? Bitch ?), I made a poll to ask about it, it’s at the bottom of the post, thank you very much if you can vote to tell your opinion after you’ve read the manga :)

By Shiden Akira, I also share Tiny Breasts Giant Boobs History (reedited version), My Neighbour Wakui-san, and the uncensored versions of Mamacon and Naughty Upskirt Angels.

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I’m curious ! Did that story make you rage ? Would you call the heroine a dirty bitch ?

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