Oh, those faces !! O_O

Sometimes I’ll completely miss an excellent hentai release ! :shock: So, thank you VERY MUCH to Advent, who emailed me with hard disk-friendly links :P

In one sentence : Nettai Ya was missing a chapter, but it is now complete, enjoy ! ^^

by Hiroshi Itaba, I also share No Make Girl, it’s rather good dope too :)
But in comparison, Nettai Ya is even better. I’ll insist, the drawings kick ass, they’re superbly hardcore, extremely intense (have you see the eyes of the two girls, in the picture above :shock: ), and it’s entirely happy energetic sex :twisted:

The chapters 1-2 have been decensored by Accelerant Blue. My thanks also go to Kakun of Filthy-H, Brolen, Saha, and of course, to the evil commissioner, the enemy of the economy, he who causes severe loss of sleep among dozens of thousands of defenceless adults and triggers a general loss of productivity in the economy, the infamous Setebos :razz:

english hentai english hentai english hentai

A clarification : until today, I was only sharing Nettai Ya chapters 1-3, and Advent sent me the last missing chapter, #4. With this final chapter 4, Nettai Ya is complete, it’s over. The links below contain the full 1-4 pack, but if you just want the chapter 4, you may use these zip links : mirror#1 – or – mirror #2.

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