Seriously, sometimes...

Two words : “lol, wut ?:shock:
This weird manga is about the typically fucked up Japanese schools, in which, in order to ensure proper respect of public morals, the girls are taking turns servicing the men with their pussies. Meanwhile, they may totally enjoy being fucked hard (as hard as double penetrations), or completely ignore the boy doing the sexy with her, checking her emails on her cellphone, or try to focus on the class lesson. The teacher themselves treat the girls as any other student, asking them questions in class while they’re doggystyled…

See what I mean : “lol, wut ?:D Still, thanks to whoever released it :)

That gave me mixed feelings, but I’ll reckon it’s not bad, graphically :) If I had liked it more, I’d have ran a retouching on it (with grayscale, surface blur 5 5, levels 20 1 1, if you wish you can do it yourself easily).

By the same artist, I also share Second Wife, K-Betu and Overflow, Moeka’s Gate (also full of WTF), and a pack of 2 works : Itokoto (“Cousincident”) and Smiling With All Your Strength, this latter link containing the most fascinating glaze a yandere char ever gave o_O

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