A succesful hands-free blowjob is one of those heavenly moments, haaaaa...

I gathered here two nice (but could they not be nice ? ^^) english-translated works by Thomas.
Credits are for Darkfire, Desu, Flammz and Conan, thank you ! :)

In themselves, the drawings are quite good, while the scenario is uncomplicated and plain, however, to be honest, the massive censorship takes a way far too much of the reading pleasure, in my opinion. So, good stuff, but there’s been better stuff by Thomas :o

These two works are :
Okuchi Ni Koibito (girl catches boy fapping to her image, evidence she’s better in the flesh follows; the oral sex is excellent, the vaginal, less)
Who Does This Fragrant Sun Belong To (no oral, surprisingly, decent vaginal, and world-classing bulging pussy through tight panties)

By Thomas, I also share the absolutely fucking AWESOME Sweet Lip (gloriously uncensored version) (230 pictures !), Magical Customize, Honey Syrup (213 pictures), Magic Interpretation and a great pack of 3 Monster Hunter doujinshi.

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