The title of the picture is a joke for the French

The last chapter of this was released half a week ago, but it passed under my radar at that time, sorry !

Niku Jiru is kinda hard to describe, there’s only happy sex, no scenario worth mentioning at all and no humour either, however, how to say… the “mood” is good. Sex is no big deal and it’s an agreable thing, so let’s enjoy the bonus pleasure it offers, so to say…

The drawings are a big excessive (really huge tits moving unnaturally at times – OMG the human sandwich under the shower ! :shock: , almost ahegao faces at times) and the artist takes liberal freedom with body propotions and anatomy, but it’s still rather pleasant, all in all !

It’s been released by Wrathkal, UndeadJelly and Accelerator, from Little White Butterflies, thank you guys ! :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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(Just in case someone asks : YES, six months ago or so, I shared just the chapter 1. Now, it’s the chapters 1-3, sorry but I’m too lazy to offer an alt link to the chapters 2-3 as an updating pack :o )