Fappable. No, honestly, the story sucks, but GNI, I can fap to this. Close to anytime.

I think there are lots of persons like Carn, loving the bodies of women but – I think – disliking women as human beings with a personality and as many rights and qualities as them.

In other words : fuck you Carn, I raged, I lost, and YOU, dear visitors, I think you know what it implies when I start an explanation with the “I raged, I lost” words ;)
So, yeah, 3 cute highschool girls with a kind nature and a good soul, however unluckily they were left out during the “common sense” distribution, who are superfucked by assholes for petty reasons, and blah, blah, blah…

It all revolves to this :
– you love this kind of story, the drawings are awesome, prepare the tissues at once !
– you dislike this kind of story but you’re after a good fap, the drawings are awesome, where were the tissues already ?
– you dislike this story, end of the game, change your mind with unicorn robots to forget about that shit :D

(Oh, and I retouched the chapter 2 to improve the color balance, sepia is for instagram, there is no such thing as instahentai.)
Would you know who to thank for this release, perhaps ?
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Right now, if you’re reading the present message, it means I’m on holidays and trying my best to enjoy it πŸ™‚
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I really hope nothing goes horribly wrong while I’m away, but if it does : please, bear with it πŸ˜‰
Enjoy your summer, everyone !