Take awesome happy sex with love, lots of girls, original storylines, superb drawings, pack it all together, and you’ve got a drooling Oliver in the end. Oh, and also the best manga I shared since a whole year, and probably more :shock:
There are tons of absolutely fantastic moments (I’d like to write EPIC, but the word has lots is intensity from overuse), for instance one of the most glorious and most funny cherry poppings (page 114, my file numbering) ever. There’s love, a good ending, there’s everything I ask from a manga.

Credits and a gigaton of thanks are for Wtflux, Kusanyagi, Yoroshii, and Raikoh from, with H9E decensoring the before-the-last chapters. I’ll also thank 2Hip who gave his home-made “fixed” version of this manga, with small fixes and the chapters restored in the right order. Thank you so much, you all ! :)

Please, just go for it, !

Theyre not as good, but by Shinji Nora, AKA Pooca, I also share Kozumikky Trans, It’s not as if I like you or…, the nice Ga-Chuku, and We’re Having Mindless Sex.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai
english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai

If you’re not sure you want to downloaded, I pushed at the bottom of this post parts of the description I was initially planning to write, before realizing I was once again writing far too much to fit into a manga description ;)

Besides a few single chapters (maids, private teacher…), there’s an EXCELLENT main arc of over a hundred pages long. Really, I mean it : EXCELLENT ! The male hero is shameless, he’s sometimes drawn in a heavily caricatural way. All the girls are very into sex, very hot, and they’re almost equally shameless. And then there’s Oryou, a sort of spirit inhabiting a doll and helping the male hero have tons of sex with the hottest babes of the area – don’t get on her bad side. The scenario is very original, very interesting, and ITS FUCKING HOT YAY !

As for the drawings : AWESOME ! There are lots of girls of every time, from teen to young adult, small tits, large tits, tsundere, lovey dovey, tanned, white, bikini, daywear, maid, they’re drawn SUPER well, with close to zero censorship !