I'm too lazy to get my own image, so I'll just steal this one Oliver used for the first post! Kukukukukukukukuku.

Ohai. It’s me, HurpDurp, again. Oliver said he didn’t care for the animation in this h-anime so he didn’t feel like sharing it anymore (I can’t blame him…), but if I felt like it I could go ahead and update the links since Subdesu-H released episode 2 a week ago.

While I was at it, I also swapped out episode one with a Fakku-SubDesu-H remux of my own making. That means it has the subs from both groups and you can switch between them if you feel like it using the icon on your task bar (by default, Fakku is on. Because I prefer Fakku and I made the damn thing, go remux your own shit if you want Subdesu-H first or don’t want subs from either group ?_?).

You can download them both together, just the 2nd OVA by itself or even just the subs for the second OVA if you downloaded the unsubtitled version Oliver shared previously.

Go here to get it because I edited the old post instead of making a new one because I’m a dumbass!


Screenshots for the 1st OVA Screenshots for the 2nd OVA

(For some reason those thumbnails still don’t have subs on them, despite the files actually having them. Seriously, lolwut?)

Don’t wanna watch really badly animated hentai? Just go fap to the source material instead.

Fun fact: I wanted this post to be small, but it ended up being really long…