This is ironical, but no picture other than that one satisfied me for a big preview pic. I'm too fussy, sometimes.

Has it already been 8 months that I shared the chapter 1 of Nuki X Sen ?!? Where did that time fly without me fully enjoying it ? HEY – COME BACK ! :shock:

Very kindly brought to us by Afro Thunda, Torn and Brolen, here is a new manga by Sakaki Utamaru, displaying the artist’s usual style, busty and well-endowed (slightly plump, large hips) girls having good sex with guys they like :)

These are mostly student X student and teacher X student relations, and there’s also one case of sister, and mother incest.

You can count on pig powerful paizuri, enthusiastic sex, anal and DP as easy as vaginal, huge creampies, and totally brain-free happy sex ^^
I hope you may find it to your liking :)

By the same artist, I also share Muchi Navi (198 pictures), Aneimo (172 pictures) and A Syndrome Of Sexual Excitement (177 pictures). They’re all more or less the same deal, happy brainless sex with the same kind of busty well endowed girls

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