Meow ! :3

Kindly brought to us by Desu and Darkfire, Providers Of Great Hentai Joys, here is Nyan Nyan Dai Sakusen, by Tikisou Takeda :)
This is the story of 3 nekomimi girls, with the only male customer coming to their cats café. Almost immediately after their customer enters their cats café, the three girls proceed to providing him sexual service, and the rest is, simply, a very happy 4P party, without any complicated feelings, without problems, and even with a happy ending :)

Graphically, we’ve got “creative” censorship, the penis and middle of the genitalia are soft-blur censored, but surprisingly, this is hardly annoying, in my eye. And, frankly, those 3 catgirls look SUPER cute : I call this damn good drawings :twisted:
This is a manga I could recommend to anyone =)

20045849_00real_cats_wut_www..jpg 20045852_00real_cats_wut_www..jpg 20045853_00real_cats_wut_www..jpg

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