I think this is likeable enough. And you ? :)

There’s quite a nice sense of humour from times to times ^^ Mind you, the characters aren’t the normal type either :lol: Succubus, japanese youkai, nekomimi, holstein (the most “meh” chapter of the whole book), normal girl but with magical potion doping, a normal girl with a micro’s spirit taking highly virile human shape, a nun (hey wait, nuns are normal !), a demoness, a female flower spirit :shock:

There’s no scenario, basically, as soon as penises and vaginas come close enough (let’s say : within 20 meters), the law of universal hentai attraction becomes too strong and sex takes place.

Graphically, this isn’t top notch but not too amateurish either, very large tits, liberal freedom for the hips and nearly everything else, ignorable censorship, anal is as easy as vaginal, rare shots of oral and paizur…
Well, that’s it, basically, if it’s to your taste, just go for it ! :D Credits are for Doujin-moe, thank you :)

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