I’m writing this post in reaction to Confession from Behind The Mirror.

I have the impression the discussion (link) that took place with Educating New Wife will be eternal :lol:

It seems I have a higher NTR tolerance level than average – and, in a complementary way, I suppose that NTR could be the only hentai theme still judged by its readers with real world criteria.

Don’t tell me you give a high five to rapists or family members having sex together, in real life, hm ? No – because it’s hentai, it’s not real.
But then, how come NTR is the only theme still problematic to that extent ?

That’s interesting :)

I don’t say NTR is cool, neither do I say I’ve cum buckets to Confession From Behind The Mirror. But, unlike some commenters, that’s not the kind of thing that would have killed my boner for a whole day, I also still imagine a possible positive continuation, with a relation with the girl’s love as a salvation from mind-breaking.

To each his own opinion of course, when it comes to opinions nobody is definitely right or wrong. Simply said, your reactions, dear readers, are interesting, it’s making hentai sharing more interesting – thanks for these occasions you take time to leave comments, even if I very rarely respond :)