Ojousama Wa H Ga Osuki + Ojousama Wa Mizugi Ga Osuki [English, 232 pictures], by Bosshi, were DECENSORED !

instant-boner picture. Makes me believe god exists.

AWESOME news, dear friends, Otosan has, also known as Atuanu, decensored two of the best shares there is on Hentairules, Ojousama Wa H Ga Osuki (198 pictures), and its sister pair of chapters, Ojousama Wa Mizugi Ga Osuki (34 pictures) !

That means : SPLENDID girls, wonderful faces and bodies, great happy sex, swimsuits, vaginal, oral, titty, anal, good humour, this is HIGHLY enjoyable ! :twisted:

Ojousama Wa H Ga Osuki, now uncensored,
and Ojousama Wa Mizugi Ga Osuki,
are available HERE !
Enjoy ! :D

13737662_0000ojousama_uncenso.jpg 13737663_0000ojousama_uncenso.jpg 13737661_0000h_ga_osuki_www.h.jpg

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