From the poll I made two days ago, 36% of the visitors of Hentaiweblog (for a total number of 1649 voters) are interested in a chatbox. This is enough to convince me it may bring pleasure and value added to a few of you guys :)

I finally opted to Chatango as it was kindly suggested to me, thanks ! I gave up on an IRC channel, a new user couldn’t see the history of the previous discussions, it was a fatal flaw.

So : the chat box is HERE, if you wish, have fun trying to find if there are real girls inside !

The rules are simple : no flame wars, no emo wars (remember : internet wars are like the paralympic games, even if you win, in the end, you’re still retarded), and, please, no spamming sick links to jebus know what, only good legit dope. I hope I won’t have to go into looking at more moderation options, OK ?