Proust had his catleya flowers, the Japanese have their camellia

I’m very glad I can share, thanks to the great Rabbit Reich guys, a new translated work by Okama. I don’t know if you remember Okama’s Hanafuda ? This is THE most arful hentai manga I have EVER seen :shock:

And here, we meet again, though to a smaller extend, the color genious of this artist, and his sense of poetry, with the soothing and harmonious blessing of nature, apparently needed to help a young man tolerate the ruckus of town dwelling life.

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Now, just a remark, don’t you have the impression the camellia is the #1 flower to be mentioned in the titles of hentai mangas and doujinshi ?

It may be just a personal impression of course, but I wonder if , in Japanese culture, the camellia couldn’t be associated with sex, or at least with eroticism…

I know the cattleya became associated with sex in Proust’s homeland (well, at least for those who read Swann In Love), maybe there is a similarity with camellia in Japanese culture…