Before I start my shares of the evening, I allow myself two remarks :)

– First, without modesty, regarding the stuff I’ll share today, at least according to my tastes, I think today is going to be one of my best sharing days of the year. I’m in love with each of the 4 shares of today, and I wish I had had time to share more ^^ I’m bloody glad to share that with everyone, I hope you’ll like it too ^^

– Second, if you care, I’d like to recommend you a music group, Tumi And The Volume. I’m not a fan of Groove (not the anime, the musical genre :lol: ), and yet, I’ve grown very fond of their latest CD, Pick A Dream. You can listen to it on Deezer, for instance. Go straight to the last track, Play Nice, or try Volume Thrials, or Light In Your Head
It’s worth discovering, I believe :)