Three fast notes, before I post today’s shares :)

– First, I’m sorry that I screwed up yesterday, posting something I had already shared in 2009, and com-ple-te-ly forgetting I had done so. The fact this is an actual new translation by another scanlator is no apology.
That said, it’s no big deal, it was great dope worth discovering for all the persons who missed it before :D

– Second, I found an untranslated work by Miray Ozaki, called Love Miracle Splash, and, strangely, despite having a full color cover, it features Ai “I’m ready” Sugimoto, my beloved heroine of The Great Escape (volume 1, volume 2 in progress), in a bunny girl threesome and then in an orgy (my EEEEYYEES ! yay !).
Here’s a megaupload link.
Maybe you could help ? Do you know if it is it an extra story, not taking place in the volumes, or does it belong to a tankoubon by Miray Ozaki that I wouldn’t have heard of ? If it belongs to a volume, I guess I’d leave it to my dear Phantom, otherwise I’m interested in comissioning it :)

– Third, I finally found a plugin correctly sending my posts to twitter, so, if you want something totally useless just pointing to my daily posts and bringing no added value (well, I see it as a worthless potential promo tool, but who knows), I created a twitter account.
I’m thinking of using it instead of to notify my visitors when something goes wrong, to give updates and such. I’ll see how it evolves in the future ;)
What is your opinion, do you think a twitter account is a good idea or, more likely, sucks monkey balls, express yourself in the comments ?