Just Fuck It ? :D

This picture above is wonderfully compelling, don’t you think ? :3

This has been translated by Shiawase No Apato, a brand new group !
A bit like my previous share, the graphics are wonderful but the scenario is a bit objectable, and this time it’s by an utterly popular artist (at least trusting my download stats !) : Nagare Ippon.
Graphically : vaginal, anal, oral, big tits blonde with twintails, good job. Scenario-wise : the heroine is progressively…. zzzz… snort… zzz – oops, sorry, I dozed off because it was too boring – becoming addicted to the male hero’s cock, with a light mind-break suspicion.

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Oh, just a fast note, sorry but I screwed up a bit with the title of this share, I didn’t realize at first that the “House of Happiness” words, in the title of this share, were referring to the name of the scanlation group, Shiawase No Apato, ^^;;
If you wish to drop Shiawase No Apato a thanks for their first scanlation, that might be a good thing, if you liked it :)